Who We Are


Our Promise
We are committed to your recovery.

Our Mission
To use our rich Korean legacy of personalised rehabilitation complemented by breakthrough practices in rehabilitative medicine to provide each patient with the best treatment and care to help him recover and regain the confidence to live a fuller life.

Our Vision
To become the region's leading results driven medical rehabilitation centre that is reputed for its ability to improve the quality of patients lives through our innovative treatment methods as well as the compassionate commitment of our highly trained staff.

Our Brand Values
  • Strive to exceed our patients' expectations by exercising compassion, courtesy and efficiency in all interactions.
  • Treat our patients, guests, and co-workers with care, dignity and respect at all times.
  • Apply initiative, sensitivity and resources available to ensure our patients experience the highest level of effectiveness and comfort when receiving treatment at our centres.
  • Respect and protect the privacy and security of our patients and guests at all times.

Centre's Environment Safety & Health Policy
We take the responsibility to continuously

  • identify activities and services with potential to cause significant environmental impact and/or create significant hazards and risks to the safety and health of our patients, guests and employees.
  • minimize through treatment or other means the impact or the risk hazardous activities pose.
  • achieve highest standards of excellence in the delivery of our services by identifying, minimizing or eliminating risks through the continuous improvement of our standard operating processes and procedures.
  • minimize work related injuries and illnesses that our employees are exposed to.
  • reduce any activities that may cause damage to the environment.
  • comply with and exceed where possible, the relevant environmental, safety and health legislation and other related regulations of Malaysia.